Life Insurance Producer Resources

On this page, we’ve compiled everything – and we mean everything – you need to close more cases and drive more sales. Happy exploring!

Forms, Applications & iGo

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Life Insurance Underwriting

  • XRAE
  • Rx For Success
  • Examiner
  • Additional Underwriting Tools

Carrier Resources & Advanced Marketing

  • John Hancock Business Insurance Planning Guide
  • John Hancock Advanced Markets
  • John Hancock Concept Navigator
  • American General Advanced Markets


  • Life Insurance Needs Calculator
  • Human Life Value Calculator
  • Government Calculators
  • Additional Life Insurance Calculators

CE and E&O Coverage

  • E&O Program Enrollment
  • E&O Coverage for Less
  • Check Your Continuing Education Status
  • Get Continuing Education
  • Anti-Money Laundering


  • Life insurance Education
  • Life Insurance Producer Tips
  • Life Insurance Support
  • Life Sales Ideas


  • Sales Ideas and Concepts
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  • Underwriting
  • New Business
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How-To Guides, Video Courses & Quizzes

  • How to Accelerate Your Life Insurance Sales
  • The Ultimate Guide to Life Insurance Producer Training and Education
  • Revenue-Creating Life Insurance Ideas Video Course
  • Life Insurance Underwriting Video Course To Increase Revenue
  • How much do YOU know about life insurance? Quiz

Life Insurance Tools and Ideas

  • Drop Tickets and e-Applications
  • Get Affiliated with LWT
  • Policy Evaluation Program