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Life Insurance and Long-Term Care Insurance
Forms and Applications

Are you ready to write your next case? We have two easy ways for you to take applications.


Digital Applications (Faster process)

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Write premium, save time and get paid faster with iGo, an electronic application process. It enables you to improve efficiency and productivity by eliminating errors and producing 100% “in good order” application submissions. The bottom line? You save time and eliminate 10-14 days from the process.

Depending on the carrier, you can use iGo two ways:

  1. A fully “fillable” life insurance application using an e-signature and e-submit process. You must complete all sections and fields of the application. LWT will process your application once it is submitted.
  2. “Drop tickets.” You complete limited application information. The carrier will conduct a comprehensive client telephone interview and set up the exam. LWT will process your application once the carrier completes the client interview.


PDF/Paper Applications (Slower process)


We’ve made it easy for you to quickly obtain all of the necessary forms you need to take a new life insurance or long-term care insurance application, or to service an existing client. Simply follow the drop-down fields and conveniently print or email the forms. Not sure what forms are required? Contact our office and we’ll show you.

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