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Our Carriers


Today’s clients demand faster and more personalized service from their financial advisors. The key to your success lies in our responsiveness, advanced insurance solutions and high level of support — the kind of insurance solutions and support that Leisure Werden & Terry is known for.

Since 1927, LWT has helped financial services professionals acquire, grow and retain their most important assets — their clients.

Because brokerage is our only source of business, we focus exclusively on your needs and the needs of your clients. LWT offers life insurance, long-term care insurance, annuities, and disability income products issued by a variety of leading insurance carriers, as well as Life Settlements.

Additionally, we specialize in impaired risk underwriting for your hard-to-place cases.

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Ideas. Solutions. Results.

Selling insurance for a living is a challenging and rewarding experience. When you work with LWT, you’re not going about it alone. You’ve got a dedicated, full-time partner committed to providing you with ideas, solutions, and results for you and your clients.  Want an example? Check out the sales idea in this video and be sure to explore the rest of our video library for more ideas and insight from LWT, your business partner. We’re committed to you!


Underwriting expertise that makes a difference

When it comes to getting life insurance cases approved, you have to work with a team who has the right resources. Some cases are complicated due to a client’s health history, financial situation, avocation or simply the size of the case. You can’t leave these types of situations to chance. Instead, you want the experience of a General Agency underwriter who knows how to guide your case in order to find the best offer.

For more than a decade, LWT has had a highly-trained underwriter on staff who is dedicated to working with our life sales team, our carriers, and you to get the best possible underwriting offers. When it comes to really understanding life insurance underwriting, especially on challenging cases, LWT has your back.


Need to get your applicant examined? You may use any approved examination service, but we are pleased to offer three providers to choose from:

ExamOne – (800) 443-6806
APPS/Portamedic – (626) 395-7741