Policy Evaluation Program (PEP)

What is PEP?

PEP is a turnkey program designed to assist you in the policy review process. We developed PEP in response to the changing life insurance environment. Over the past 10 years falling interest rates, advances in underwriting practices, lackluster stock market performance and other factors have affected the performance of many in-force policies. These policies may not be performing as expected and may not meet your clients’ original objectives.

Opportunities for you! 

This situation opens the door for you to contact your existing clients and offer to review their policies to see if they are performing as they should. The PEP program provides you with the tools to prospect your clients and educate them on the reason – and need – for a policy review and the benefits of using PEP. The program also includes an analysis of your clients’ existing coverage and alternatives for the policy going forward. This presentation provides real numbers, real alternatives, and is easy for your clients to understand.

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